Hi, my name is Brad James.

When I “retired” from my first big, public firm, USG Corporation, my staff threw a going away party. They presented me with an unusual gift: a hardbound journal style book with a Table of Contents. It was actually a List of the titles of stories or tales I had told to them on various occasions. They were encouraging me to do what I had often threatened to do- Write a Book.

Or, more accurately, a Business Book involving these and other stories I had told. Their Table of Contents/List included almost 50 different stories.  Apparently they all thought it was important to document this and to suggest that I actually write these stories which had an impact upon them, personally and professionally.

I am writing that book and over the coming months, I will share some of these stories on the blog.

I will also use the blog to record my thoughts about other business topics or events that I find interesting. Many will no doubt relate to one of my stories.

I hope you come back and read more about The Business Zoo.