The Mockingbirds and The Crows:

The state bird of Florida is the Mockingbird. It is a medium size, 9 inch bird which eats all kinds of insects. Mockingbirds are aptly named because they can mimic over 40 different bird calls. They can also fly like a helicopter either in one place or darting around at seemingly impossible angles. They are also very bright birds that can recognize people who have caused them trouble after only one encounter. I know that because I am on the Florida Mockingbird trouble list.

They mate in the spring often in bougainvillea bushes which have thorns to protect their nests. They will dive bomb anyone within 25 feet of that nest and aim for your head and other vital parts. A Florida friend and I, dressed in bike helmets and carrying a protective broom were viciously attacked one day trying to see if we could peacefully relocate them away from outside our front door to a more high end neighborhood. We lost that battle but three days later a baby mockingbird left the nest and the neighborhood was safe once more. This episode explains the true meaning of the famous Harper Lee story, To Kill a Mockingbird. These birds, while trying to protect their nests and offspring, are not meek or innocent like the accused Southerner in the story. I gained tremendous respect for these small birds. Mockingbirds work together, using their bird calls, to guard their nest and babies from the occasional, well-meaning Florida guys but mostly from the ever present and hungry Crows.

Crows are considered one of the most intelligent animals on earth. Like Rats, they have been on the planet forever. Like Rats, they thrive near humans.

Like Rats, Crows Eat Anything! A special treat is the offspring of other birds, like our friends, the Mockingbirds.   Crows have been trained to use tools and build tools to get what they want.  My friend, with the bicycle helmet, and I even watched as Crows managed to unzip a bike seat bag to steal a sandwich. They even zipped it back up so no one would notice. And Crows fly in a distinct, methodical, slow flapping style because they are not in a hurry. Crows, you see, are very comfortable in their own feathers.

Crows are also very social. They can imitate the human voice like parrots. They travel and hunt in flocks.

A flock of Crows is also called a Murder. And the way Crows attack in a group is called Mobbing. Baby Crows stay in the nest a month longer than the young hard-working Mockingbirds. Crows grow to well over a foot long, weigh over a pound and live much longer than most birds. And Crows know they are bigger, stronger and smarter than all other birds. They are the masters of the bird world.

Which brings us to our point. Company hired outside Advisors. Advisors all believe they are far smarter and have better educations and backgrounds than their slower, simple clients. Advisors, like a mobbing of Crows, want to feed on or collect fees endlessly from their clients. Advisors come in groups, have their own secret language and forms of communications. How can a mere client stand a chance? By acting like the Mockingbirds. Aggressively protect your company by openly working together with your own team. Learn to move quickly like the Mockingbirds to outmaneuver the slower Crows. And remember you have what they want and crave, Money for Fees! Learn to manage, be in control of and benefit from using Advisors, not the other way around.

You will learn to manage and deal with Advisors and more in my new book, The Business Zoo.