No, this is not about the current year Ravens or the Broncos or Colts from previous years. There are a lot of animals in the National Football League even if some like the Detroit Lions have not appeared in the Super Bowl for a very long time. This seasonal note, however, is about the really famous Animals who appear in the famous Super Bowl commercials.

Commercials for the 2014 Super Bowl cost almost $4 million. In these ads, sex still sells going back to a younger Cindy Crawford drinking diet Pepsi to the race car driver Danica Patrick and her friends selling Go Daddy internet domain sites. But when this year’s big game network, CBS, ran a special this week on the Top Ten Super Bowl commercials of all time, the Animals were the real winners.

Of the top ten spots, Animals were in five of the most popular ads, as voted by the fans. These ranged from Career Builders’ classic of the young man working with a bunch of monkeys celebrating a declining sales chart they had turned upside down to a small pit bull getting revenge on a young man teasing it with Doritos from behind a glass door. But the beer commercials came out with the most top ads.

The Bud Light rescue dog, Wego, delivering timely cold beers to his owner and friends. And, of course, the Budweiser Clydesdales who captured two spots. One for the naked super fan sheep streaker and the #1 Winner about the Clydesdale rookie Hank being coached to success by the Team’s Dalmatian dog.

So, Animals sell. In writing my book, The Business Zoo, my Animals are not staged or are props like in some of these commercials. Rather, my Animals have been part of the stories I have told to my staff people for years. In the real world, Animals like difficult co-workers, bosses, problems or opportunities often just show up. The book’s goal is to provide you with some guideline and lessons and  rules and tools to deal with the human and wildlife all around us!