Most of my Blog readers know that I have been writing a book, The Business Zoo for the last few years. Some of these postings are parts of stories in the book and some were additional material that seemed to work better in my blog.

But Finally the book is launched!

You can find The Business Zoo by Brad James  on as both a paperback and as a Kindle type e book. The book is available in much of the world as Amazon seems to reach everywhere!

The description of the book on-line goes like this:

Written by a senior executive, with experience as both a CFO and CEO in a wide range of organizations, including private firms, public companies and not-for-profits, The Business Zoo uses stories to illustrate important business and life concepts and provides key lessons learned from years of experience. These, both fun and informative, tales will help both people recently entering the working world or those with more experience and who are moving up.

Content-wise this book is also about organizations and what makes them function, at times, well and ,at other times, makes them dysfunctional. It covers the overall critical areas of management from selling to systems, from boards to human resources. Along the way, you will also learn some critical personal skills that range from developing your moral compass, to mastering business dining, to dealing with management fraud and how to handle outside advisors be they lawyers, bankers or consultants.

The book also explains the major events that impact and change all organizations such as international growth, planning, mergers and crisis management. Many chapters compare and contrast how smaller private firms and larger public companies deal with the same issues, using real life stories to help the reader relate.

The book ends with the all-encompassing topic of leadership and culture, which either grow or destroy individuals and their organizations in a dog-eat-dog way. Along the way, various animals or creatures like wizards are used to help explain things. So take a read and maybe learn something about business and life through The Business Zoo!

The blog will continue and thanks to all of you around the world who have read it or followed it. I am humbled and honored by my readers.


Brad James, author of The Business Zoo